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Our company emerged from humble beginnings in the military and law enforcement professions. Among a group of like-minded friends, we recognized the need for a reliable and comprehensive resource that would cater to these unique communities, utilizing our hard-earned experiences as the keystone driving the execution of everything we do.

Just as the old adage goes, "less is more," frequently used in both professions, we understand the value of your time and the importance of having what you need without unnecessary clutter. We all know the frustration of digging into a rucksack and struggling to find what you need, or searching through a cruiser for an item buried somewhere in the trunk. That's why our primary goal is to enable you to spend more time doing what you love. Unlike other resources that provide watered-down content or offer fifteen different product comparisons, we curate a wide range of handpicked products tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of professionals like you. We steer clear of biased or fake reviews and focus on what truly matters.

Our name, Simplicity of Action, embodies our mission. We believe in the power of simplicity when it comes to taking action. Join our community of passionate individuals and let us simplify your journey towards achieving your goals and pursuing your passions.

Our Mission - To be the definitive guide for professionals in search of efficient and reliable product recommendations.

 Our Motto - Finis. Credo. Anima.

Stop. Think. Breathe.

As a professional SCUBA diver faced with a challenging situation the most crucial lesson you can learn in such moments is to follow a simple yet profound process: First, stop what you're doing. Second, assess and work through the problem. And lastly, remember to keep breathing. Because without breath, you cease to exist.


Our Team

Principle - Boh Pow 

Expertise - Served as a US Army Infantry Officer for 15 years and as a rural state Law Enforcement Officer for 8 years. Boh also served as a Recovery SCUBA Diver for 5 years.

Personal Interests - Long walks on the beach. Everything on the blog.

Favorite food - Pizza. 





Chief Pawformance Officer (CPO)  - Cody, Silver Labrador Retriever

Responsibilities - Ensure that all products meet high expectations nested in mission statement

Expertise - Water specialist and endurance sports involving retrieval. 

Personal Interests - Also enjoys long walks on the beach and, long swims. 

Favorite food - Anything


Canine Productivity Consultant (CPC) Benedict "Oliver" Habersham the III - Irish Wolfhound

Responsibilities - Critical in developing depth and creativity for work product. 

Expertise - Ancient breed adept at alerting to dangerous situations, also adapt to napping on any and all couches. 

Personal Interests - Having a proper fuck about. Then promptly napping. 

Favorite food - Cheese





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