Garmin Pro Plus Heart Rate Monitor: Enhancing Training and Performance

BLUF - Worth the investment. This device provides extremely accurate heart rate date making training tighter. The running dynamics are far from fluff, if used as a training tool, it will legitimately make you a more efficient runner and subsequently faster. 


Investing in a heart rate monitor may not be the first piece of kit that comes to mind, but the Garmin Pro Plus Heart Rate Monitor, released in July of 2022, proves itself to be a worthy investment for athletes. This advanced device offers several key features that enhance training accuracy, provide insightful data, and ultimately contribute to improved performance. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of using the Garmin Pro Plus Heart Rate Monitor and how it can elevate your fitness journey.

Accuracy and Training Efficiency:

While using a chest heart rate monitor may initially feel like an annoyance due to the tension on the chest, it remains the preferred and more accurate method of obtaining heart rate data during training. The Garmin Pro Plus Heart Rate Monitor ensures better data transmission to the watch, particularly important for zone training. Unlike wrist-based heart rate monitors that may have delays, the chest strap provides real-time data, allowing you to train within your target heart rate zones more effectively.

Accelerometer for Treadmill Pace and Distance:

An outstanding feature of the Garmin Pro Plus Heart Rate Monitor is its built-in accelerometer, which offers precise pace and distance data even when running on a treadmill. This advancement is a game-changer for indoor runners, as it eliminates the need for additional foot pods or calibration. By providing seamless accurate treadmill metrics, this heart rate monitor sets itself apart in the industry and makes it even easier to train with this device no matter what you are doing. 

Heart Rate Monitoring for Swimming:

In addition to its capabilities for land-based activities, the Garmin Pro Plus Heart Rate Monitor is also capable of providing heart rate data while swimming. This functionality proves highly useful for swimmers looking to track their heart rate during training sessions and monitor intensity levels. It adds a new dimension to underwater workouts, allowing swimmers to optimize their training routines based on heart rate data. This adds a lot to its capability due to the inherent limitations of wrist heart rate monitors being used in water while swimming. 

Running Dynamics Data:

One of the standout features of the Garmin Pro Plus Heart Rate Monitor is its ability to provide running dynamics data. Initially met with skepticism, this feature has proven to be a valuable tool for improving running efficiency. The watch provides accurate and timely information while on the run, allowing users to analyze and adjust their running form, stride length, and ground contact time. By paying attention to these metrics and making necessary adjustments, users can enhance their performance and reduce the risk of injuries caused by imbalanced running form.


The Garmin Pro Plus Heart Rate Monitor, released in July of 2022, represents a significant step forward in heart rate monitoring technology. Its chest strap design ensures accurate heart rate data for effective zone training, while the inclusion of an accelerometer enables precise pace and distance measurements on a treadmill. The ability to monitor heart rate while swimming and the provision of running dynamics data further elevate the device's capabilities. By embracing the Garmin Pro Plus Heart Rate Monitor, fitness enthusiasts and athletes can optimize their training, improve efficiency, and unlock their full potential for enhanced performance.



  • Incredible, nearly live data that increases awareness training significantly. Especially while running either out and about or on a treadmill
  • The new Model is a lot easier to swap the (common) battery. 
  • Running dynamics is baller 
  • Having heart rate data recorded on a swim is awesome 


  • Considered pricy but the author feels it is fairly priced given the value it brings to training. 


Garmin Pro Plus Chest Heart Rate monitor 

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