The Fellow Opus Coffee Grinder: A Quiet, Consistent, and Mess-Free Brewing Companion

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) - Performance, Looks, Flexibility and Price. It makes a perfect grind for drip and espresso endeavors. It does not make a mess. This is the only and only coffee grinder you will likely ever need. 

The Fellow Opus Coffee Grinder: A Quiet, Consistent, and Mess-Free Brewing Companion


For coffee enthusiasts, finding the perfect grinder that combines performance, convenience, and that also looks good has been a challenge for a long time. However, the Fellow Opus Coffee Grinder has emerged as a standout option in the market. With its exceptional features, including quiet operation, outstanding grind consistency, and minimal mess, the Opus grinder has quickly become a favorite. That and at a price point of around $200, it’s one that will not break the bank too much. 

Silent But Deadly:

One notable feature that sets the Fellow Opus Coffee Grinder apart from its competitors is its remarkably quiet operation. Unlike many other grinders that produce a deafening noise while grinding coffee beans, the Opus grinder offers a dare I say serene experience. Its advanced motor technology and sound insulation design ensure a significantly reduced noise level. This allows users to enjoy the brewing process without disturbing the entire family, neighbors, and all animals in a 300m radius like other grinders. 

Grind Right:

Consistency is key when it comes to brewing exceptional coffee, and the Fellow Opus Coffee Grinder delivers just that. With its precise and innovative grind size adjustment, this grinder enables users to achieve their desired consistency consistently. Whether you're aiming for a fine espresso grind or a coarse French press grind, the Opus grinder's efficient burr mechanism ensures a uniform particle size distribution, resulting in a flavorful and balanced cup of coffee every time. One thing to note of importance is that unlike its bigger (and original) brother the Ode, the grinder can do espresso very well making it a true all-around grinder. One thing the author would like to note is that if you have been grinding with a cheaper grinder, the consistent grind the Opus creates has a significantly noticeable difference in taste quality.   

Super Clean:

One common frustration the author has had with other coffee grinders is the mess they tend to create. Little pieces of ground coffee often spills over the edges, leaving a trail of debris that requires extra effort to clean up. It also ruins the ascetic of grinder. The Fellow Opus Coffee Grinder addresses this issue admirably. Its thoughtful design includes an anti-static grind bin that significantly reduces coffee dust, resulting in a minimal mess and a cleaner countertop. This one actually works. Additionally, the Opus grinder's magnetically aligned catch for the basket eliminates the need for a clumsy rubber gasket, further enhancing its mess-free operation.


In the pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee, the Fellow Opus Coffee Grinder stands out as an exceptional companion for coffee enthusiasts. Its quiet operation creates a serene grinding experience, allowing users to enjoy their morning brew without disrupting the tranquility of their surroundings. The grinder's impressive grind consistency guarantees an outstanding flavor profile, no matter the brewing method. Moreover, the Fellow Opus innovative design effectively minimizes mess, sparing users from the frustration of cleaning up excess coffee debris. If you're seeking a reliable, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing coffee grinder, the Fellow Opus is undoubtedly worth it. Also if the reader is considering getting this or the Ode, in the author's opinion (having owned both) the Opus will do just fine, save you some money, and also do espresso). Elevate your coffee brewing experience with the Fellow Opus Coffee Grinder, and enjoy the art of coffee-making like never before.


  • Perfect grind consistency. 
  • Quiet operation 
  • Good for Drip and even espresso 
  • No mess 
  • Looks great


  • Does not have an auto-off feature like the Ode. It runs off timers based on clicks 
  • Sometimes needs to be rocked slightly to get that last bit of ground coffee into the basket. If you dont rock it once and awhile, the coffee with accumulate and dump when the basket is out. 

The do it all grinder creates incredible consistency, no best, and a noise level that won't wake up the entire neighborhood. 

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