Savoring Perfection: The Obstinate Daughter's Unique Blend of Southern and Italian Flavors

Savoring Perfection: The Obstinate Daughter's Unique Blend of Southern and Italian Flavors

t's kind of weird and unexpected that a restaurant specializing in pizza is considered a sort of elevated lunch spot. There are other things on the menu with almost a southern-meets-Italian touch, creating a unique thematic blend. Located on Sullivan's Island, SC, a short 20-minute drive from Charleston, we went for a late lunch. We parked on the street (free) and made our way in, not exactly knowing what to expect and not thinking too hard about being impressed. Our minds were on the beach, which we planned to visit just after lunch.

Upon walking up the stairs and into the restaurant, you will be totally taken away by the elegance of the establishment. Naturally, I sat at the bar. The menu was impressive, with pizza combinations named aptly and the perfect number of options to consider (not too much, not too little). Nearly all of the menu looked appealing and appetizing.

Some appetizer staples were the Shrimp Rolls and Obstinate Flatbread, which was simply olive oil, sea salt, and butterbean puree. For entrees, I considered the Cheeky Monkey, which had guanciale, tomato, red onion, chili flake, and parsley. I went for The Old Danger, which included pancetta, farm egg, scallion, white sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, and black pepper. When it came out, the pizza was perfect. The egg, by some miracle they mastered, was baked over medium. The crust was crunchy and soft in the center. The ratio of cheese to toppings was perfect, and everything presented the right amount of salt. It was a perfect pizza.

I really loved this place and would recommend you venture out to it at any point during a trip to the area. It honestly is a great highlight of Sullivan's Island, and it needs to be on your must-go-to list for the area. It doesn't hurt that it’s just a simple walk away from one of the most beautiful beaches in the area.

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