Charleston BBQ Delight: Home Team BBQ's Perfect Blend of Bourbon and Flavorful Eats

Charleston BBQ Delight: Home Team BBQ's Perfect Blend of Bourbon and Flavorful Eats

Home Team BBQ, I am told, is on the highly debated list of the best BBQ in the Charleston, SC area. I can't reliably comment that it is definitely the number one, as I still have many places to explore. What I can say is that I had a great time at this place and was blown away by the quality of chow they were putting out.

Admittedly, it was an odd day for me when I went. It was a late lunch; I planned to have some beach time but also did not want to eat much, for I had a great reservation with the wife. I sat down, the place nearly empty, like scarily empty—all for a few older guys catching an elevated buzz slightly, but respectfully a little early. I struck up a conversation with the bartender about everything under the sun of Sullivan's Island. Some takeaways were 1) it is extremely wealthy, 2) the quality of the residents can apparently vary, and this area has been known for having those who tip their noses too high. That was a little bummer.

We brought the conversation back to earth, united among the quality of bourbon, which was on the shelf. Just sitting there casually, they had a bottle of Weller Full Proof (blue label), Blanton’s, Weller Reserve (Green label), and Buffalo Trace. I was kind of blown away by this. I guess it makes sense, as this restaurant is frequented by the wealthy who can buy this rare bourbon, likely for the marked-up price. The aforementioned crowd likely drinks enough of this stuff off the shelf that Buffalo Trace distinctly supplies enough of it to the restaurant.

I went for the old standard nachos, a personal favorite. It contained three house-made salsas, sharp cheddar, Monterey Jack, pickled Jalapeños, crema, Guacamole, Chimichurri. As stated earlier, I had no idea what to expect and figured if the BBQ was bad, at least the chips and cheese would be enough to just hold me over. I added pulled pork just for the hell of it and to get an idea of what the BBQ was like.

Well, upon the food arriving at the bar, I was blown away. The dish was visually appealing, and the quality of the ingredients was very clear. The pulled pork was the first bite, and it was perfect. Ever so slightly chewy, but super moist and seasoned with just the right amount of salt. I regretted not grabbing anything else on the menu, but such is life sometimes.

It should also be noted I loved the incredible vinegar-based and standard sauces they had available on the tables. They were all incredible and so delicious. Would gladly return and would go for a full meal. It should be noted this place is open late (12), which could make it promising for a late evening watery hole as the BBQ is addicting and they did have a stage presumably for live music.

Later, I figured out this is somewhat of a small chain (7 restaurants) located mostly in the SC area. Chain can be a dirty word, and I would like to expressly state that it should not be used for this restaurant. It truly must stand out as a staple in the area, as this one would be hard to beat other than by preference and loyalty for the best BBQ in the area. They have other restaurants in Greenville, SC and Aspen, CO, which at some point I plan to visit. In quick summary, if you are looking for an easy spot to stop in from a simple walk from the beach or looking for a hangout spot or just simply hankering for some badass BBQ, this is your joint!

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